MAK Fitness | Mere Mortals

The Mere Mortals Podcast touches on a broad range of topics - from Health and Fitness battles, challenges, advice and points of motivation, to chats about mindset, mental health, mindfulness, success, mentors and even business. All in all, we feel these topics all come back to a central topic and purpose: revealing the factors, the goals and the mindset that goes into building the best version of yourself.


Health and Fitness individuals are often times, the individuals that we see go the furtherest in life. After all: the dedication, the ambition, the work ethic, and the passion that are demonstrated within all realms of fitness, are the qualities that translate over to real life success. Mere Mortals, is a podcast all about revealing the people who are “Behind The Scenes” in building their own success - showing that we all have down days, we all have hurdles, and we can all use those as a reflection that we are doing just fine in getting there towards our own goals.