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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

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ATP Science

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Twin Pack: OxyShred

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More information about ATP Science


ATP stands for Advanced Technology & Pharmacology.

ATP Institute of Science believes you deserve the right to take responsibility for your own health, vitality and physique. ATP believes you deserve the right to be able to:

  • access accurate and unbiased information,
  • use quality ingredients sourced from the best suppliers in the world
  • formulated for efficacy and synergy
  • and manufactured at the highest standard facilities in the world
ATP is your rebel for a cause.
  • We will fight for your right to access the most powerful tools.
  • We will educate and inform with reliable and accurate information that you can use.

ATP Science does not follow the leader, market research or industry trends. Instead we believe in beating our personal best and strive for excellence. We believe in creating our own race and not focusing on competing with other players in the nutraceutical industry.

We prefer to focus on you the consumer and improving your results and success.

ATP Science's 4 Pillars of Health:

  1. GutRight
  2. Multi Food
  3. Resilience
  4. Aurum Oil


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