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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

MAK Fitness

Fat Burners

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C4 Ripped -  - Cellucor | MAK Fitness
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C4 Ripped

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Maximum Shred Bundle -  - Mixed | MAK Fitness

Maximum Shred Bundle

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OxyShred & PSI -  - EHPlabs | MAK Fitness
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OxyShred & PSI

$162.95 $118.95

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Burn Bar -  - Maxine's | MAK Fitness
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Burn Bar

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OxyShred & Fade Out -  - Mixed | MAK Fitness
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OxyShred & Fade Out

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OxyShred & RP Max -  - EHPlabs | MAK Fitness
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OxyShred & RP Max

$162.95 $125.95

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Super Shred Bundle -  - Mixed | MAK Fitness

Super Shred Bundle

$289.95 $201.95

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More information about Fat Burners

Browse all of the fat burning supplements that we offer all in one place. Fat Burners, or more commonly known as weight loss products are a important component to a successful weight management program. The vast majority of Fat Burners are not meal replacements, but recommend in combination with a healthy & suitable diet along with regular exercise.

Fat Burners are supplements that are used to increase fat metabolism or energy use, impair fat absorption, increase weight loss, increase fat oxidation during exercise, or promote long-term fat metabolism. The ingredients in a fat burner generally have their own fat burning properties, but paired together make for a more effective weight loss product.

Notable Fat Burners

What is Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process where your body burns calories to produce heat. This method of fat burning can promote weight loss because it increases your body’s calorie burn. Paired with regular exercise and a well balanced diet, thermogenic fat burners can aid in achieving your weight loss goals.

What is Lypolysis?

Lipolysis is when you breakdown the lipids in your body and involves hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. During Lipolysis, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout your body to be used as energy by your body.

Key Points for Fat Burners:

Diet is 70-80% of the weight-loss battle

One of the biggest misconceptions about fat burners is that they will help you loose weight whether you are exercising and eat healthy or not. This is not the case and you are unlikely to see results without regular exercise and a well balanced diet. Once these are in place, a fat burner will help to enhance your weight loss and get you to your goals faster.

Ensure Your Goals Are Realistic

Some people believe that if they are using a fat burning supplement they will be able to loose lots of weight each week. Unfortunately there are no products out there that will make this happen. Instead the fastest way to reach your weight loss goals is to ensure you pair your fat burner with regular exercise and a well balanced diet.

More is NOT Always Better

Ensure you stick to the instructions on the back of the product as taking more will not directly translate into more efficient fat burning. Just like most supplements there is that tipping point between being effective and no longer being effective. Sticking to the recommended dosages on the product will ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

Overdoing Caffeine Will Wear You Out

Most fat burners have caffeine in them as one of the ingredients to help thermogenesis. Having too much caffeine in the day can wear you out so ensure you are not taking too much extra caffeine on top of your fat burning supplement.


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