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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

MAK Fitness

Twin Pack: OxyShred Hardcore -  - EHPlabs | MAKFitness

Twin Pack: OxyShred Hardcore


Twin Pack: OxyShred Hardcore

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What's included:

We all know OxyShred is a fat burning powerhouse. The new OxyShred Hardcore is no exception. The only thing better then OxyShred Hardcore is getting double the amount with our TWIN PACK OxyShred Harcore bundle. 

    OxyShred Hardcore - Not for the faint-hearted!

    Not only is OxyShred Australia's top-selling fat burner, but the new hardcore series also has an even stronger thermogenic formula. Available in Grape Bubblegum it is literally the best tasting fat burner on the market. 

    • Ultra hardcore thermogenic
    • Enhanced thermogenesis
    • Delicious flavours
    • 40 servings


    Read more about OxyShred Hardcore here...

    Will this product prevent me from sleeping?

    This product does contain caffeine, at a concentration of 300mg/scoop. Every person's tolerance to caffeine is unique and different, so it is difficult to predict what effect this may have on your level of awareness and impact on sleep. We advise against consuming this product after 4pm, and suggest to begin use with a smaller dose (1/2 scoop) to assess tolerance. For those with a high sensitivity to caffeine, we recommend the non-stimulant version of this product.

    Can I still drink coffee whilst taking this product?

    From the experience of our crew here at MAK Fitness, we frequently combine the use of coffee and Oxyshred throughout the day, and have experienced no negative effects. However, it is important to note that both products do contribute to your daily caffeine intake. Generally, the maximum recommended intake of caffeine per day is 400mg (however individuals will differ). Assess your personal dosage of this product in addition to coffee to ensure you do not exceed this limit.

    Does this product cause an unsettled stomach?

    While an unsettled stomach is a rare symptom of fat burner products, we are aware that in certain circumstances this can occur. We advise allowing a minimum of 20 minutes without food both before and after consuming. For some users, a slightly longer time period may be required. From our experiences, this is usually the cause of an upset stomach.

    What products should I use in addition to Oxyshred?

    This product is used for its fat burning properties. For optimal results in fat burning, we recommend use of both Acetyl L-Carnitine and a sleep formula with fat burning properties. In this case, your body has the potential to burn the most fat, at all hours of the day and night. When used as a pre-workout, some users like to combine with a non-stim pre-workout product, to gain optimal pump, focus and endurance benefits.

    Is this product safe during pregnancy?

    We strongly advise against the use of this product throughout pregnancy, particularly in the final 2 trimesters. Ingredients contained within fat burners are noted to elevate body temperature, increase heart rate and have some appetite suppressant properties. Each of these actions form the foundation of the way the product works, and are safe and effective in normal healthy humans, but are not recommended suitable for pregnancy.

    Is this product Vegan?

    This product contains no animal products. However, we note that this product does not satisfy vegan certifications, as it is manufactured within the EHP facility that also processes whey protein (a non-vegan product).

    Does this product contain any banned substances?

    No, this product has been tested and confirmed to contain no banned substances. However, we advise that the list of banned substances as noted by the Australian Regulatory Board, ASADA, changes very frequently. For utmost assurance, please consult the ASADA Supplement Checker or contact the MAK Crew.

    This product's use differs depending on whether you workout that day.

    We recommend a serving of 1 scoop (4.5g) on training days, taken 10 mins before commencing exercise.

    On non-training days, instead take a single scoop first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    We advise not to exceed 1 total scoop of Oxyshred Hardcore per day, and to avoid consuming after 5pm.

    Also avoid eating 20minutes either side of consuming OxyShred.



    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

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    OxyShred Hardcore
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