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Pre Workouts (and Intra Workouts)

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More information about Pre Workouts (and Intra Workouts)

Pre & Intra workout is most easily thought of as the energy system your body uses to get through strenuous activity.
Certainly not a necessity but one of the most useful tools you can use to improve your focus, energy and recovery. When it comes to pre-workout decide between two categories.

Pre-workout types:

Stimulant based - Usually caffeinated, hardcore focus based around the central nervous system a majority of the time.
Non-stimulant based - Used for swelling of the muscle cell increases energy but more of a natural system.

Intra-workout types:

Intra workout generally tailored to use whilst doing endurance events and long sessions. Often an overlooked supplement to get the most out of your session. Intra workout comes both stimulant & non-stimulant based.

Pre-Workouts are designed to help increase your performance while training, boosting your strength and endurance.

Notable Pre-Workout Products

What is a Pre-Workout?

The basic definition is something that you take before your start to exercise in order to help you with your results.

What does a Pre-Workout do?

Pre-workouts help you to workout better for longer. They do this by utilising the effects of several ingredients.

What are the most common ingredients?


  • Thermogenic properties (burns fat)
  • Produces heat in your body and increases metabolism
  • Increased wakefulness, better focus, better body coordination
  • Better muscle endurance and strength improvement


  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Provides energy to your muscles

Isolated Amino Acids

  • Integral part of the muscle tissue
  • Building blocks of protein
  • Transports nutrients to cells
  • Increase strength performance
  • Reduce catabolic effect that training and dieting have on muscles

Nitric Oxide

  • Vascular dilator
  • Increases strength, endurance and even recovery after a workout
  • Increases flow and circulation of nutrients and oxygen in blood


  • Promotes muscle strength
  • Acts as a buffer for your muscle tissue
  • Combats acidity that is secreted in muscles

Citrulline Malate

  • Increases release of Human Growth Hormone
  • Improves use of BCAAs
  • Reduces blood ammonia levels and lactic acid formation
  • Improvers energy levels in general