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Ghost Lifestyle


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This is it. The best pump product out there. GHOST® Pump has certainly attracted a number of fans and credible recommendations across the globe - including us. We believe GHOST® Pump one of the fastest acting pump products we've tried, with potent and effective results, and produces the greatest pumps. GHOST® Pump's formulation is comprehensive and precise with the single objective of creating a product that gets your muscles achieving more, looking better, and boosting blood flow from start to finish within your workout. GHOST® Fanatics and even loyal users of other brands have agreed with its glory - sounds like time to get your hands on some and review it yourself, right?

- Features very ingredient and dosage necessary to creating the best pump possible - Extremely fast acting, to get a pumped effect in your muscles from the very first exercise- Stimulant free and perfect for stacking with other pre-workout, fat burn or Amino acid supplements - 100% Vegan friendly, and features a full disclosure label for maximum transparency

Getting a pump during a workout isn't just about looking huge in the mirror. While we know that's what a lot of legends are chasing, it also helps to increase your strength and performance during training, increase the mind-muscle connection, and facilitate heightened nutrient delivery and waste removal from within the muscle. The end result is a workout that feels better, and also one that provides an overall higher workload - giving your muscles the necessary stimulus to grow and build. This is what GHOST® Pump is all about!

GHOST® Pump is one of the best pump products on the market. How does it work? It promotes the concentration of nitric oxide within the blood, to increase vasodilation and hence, the size of your muscles throughout a workout. GHOST® Pump achieves this through a specific and effective formulation using the best and most proven ingredients available. GHOST® Pump contains: L-Citrulline, Arginine Nitrate, Glycerol and Pinus Pinaster, all of which achieve pumps foremost, and often a number of other workout benefits too, as well as Astragin® which helps to boost absorption of the other ingredients, thus boosting overall effect and how rapidly GHOST® Pump 'kicks in'.

L-Citrulline presents very high bio-availability within the body, and is very efficiently converted to the amino acids, arginine and ornithine. Arginine plays a super-effective and incredibly crucial role in relaxing blood vessels to promote increased blood to the muscles, and hence, pumps. When we train, especially with high intensity, our body starts to produce ammonia as a by-product and waste product of energy creation. This ammonia increases our levels of fatigue, and decreases the ability of our muscles to contract a muscle and perform with strength and power the way we want it to. Ornithine plays a major role in getting rid of ammonia within muscles.

Arginine is also then directly supplemented within GHOST® Pump through Arginine Nitrate, to combine with the effects of L-Citrulline and deliver a complete, all out pump experience unlike anything else we've tested or tried. This is furthered by the inclusion of GlycerSize™, a more stable form of Glycerol, which helps to prevent dehydration during exercise, improve exercise performance and increase muscular pumps during resistance training. Finally, Pinus Pinaster, a less commonly utilised pump ingredient but a essential and effective one, joins the party within GHOST® Pump to promote a number of positive benefits, including vasodilation, performance, endurance.

The added benefit of GHOST® Pump also comes with its lack of stimulants. Therefore, you can take GHOST® Pump at any time of day or late hours of the night, and can combine it with almost any other product. Whether it be GHOST® Burn, GHOST® Legend, GHOST® BCAAs or your fav from another brand - GHOST® Pump will ensure the pump base of your workout is 100% covered.

Will this product be too strong for me?

This pre-workout product is a non-stimulant product. Therefore, it is very unlikely that your body will react negatively as a result of the dosage being too strong. However, pre-workouts contain ingredients which affect each person to a different extent - so we suggest to begin use with a smaller dose (1/2 scoop) to assess tolerance.

Will this product prevent me from sleeping?

This product does not contain any caffeine or alternative stimulants and should have no effect or impact on your capacity to fall asleep.

Is this product safe for athletes subject to ASADA testing?

We advise not taking this substance if anti-doping testing is subject to your chosen sport.

Is this product safe during pregnancy?

We advise to discontinue this product throughout pregnancy, or when trying to become pregnant.

Is this product Vegan?

This product is vegan friendly and therefore, definitely suitable for those leading a vegan lifestyle.

Does this product feel ‘tingly’ like other pre-workouts?

The ‘tingly’ feeling often attributed with some pre-workout products is contributed by the ingredient Beta Alanine. This effect is healthy and normal, and we ensure has no adverse side effects. However, this product exists in various dosages among our pre-workout range, and for those with a high sensitivity or preference against this effect, we advise to check the nutrition panel for a listing of 2g or less of Beta-Alanine.

This is a pre-workout product, and should therefore be taken 20minutes prior to training, on workout days.

However, being non-stimulant, GHOST Pump is suitable for use at any time of the day (even after 5pm).

We recommend a serve size of 1 scoop, but some users will prefer to double scoop to achieve a stronger effect.

To mix, combine with 200ml/scoop water (cold tastes best!) or as preferred to achieve your personal desired level of sweetness.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Not as excepted
Even on a lower carb diet, this product increases my pump


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