A MAK-Honest Review of CLA

Supplement type: CLA

Whatever your fitness goal may be, if you want to burn fat effectively, CLA is the supplement that will get the job done. MAX’s CLA is one of the most effective CLA products on the market today!

MAX’s CLA contains 85% active isomers cis-9 and trans-11, making it a potent source of this fat burning substance. All you need is one capsule, three times per day with your meals and you’ll be giving your diet plan a jumpstart to success.

Each capsule of MAX’s CLA has 1 g of dietary fat, 9 calories, isomer cis-9 and trans-11 isomer. So if you’re tired of seeing so-so results on your diet and want to give yourself an extra boost to really go that extra mile and get those final pounds off.

Consider MAX’s CLA! It’s quick, easy to use and very effective.

    Key Features

    • Enhanced ability to utilise fatty acids as a fuel source. When it comes to burning fat, one of the hardest things to do is actually get the fatty acids out of the fat cells. CLA helps you do this in spades. This means you can then use those fatty acids for energy, resulting in greater total rates of weight loss.
    • Improved ability to retain lean muscle mass. When dieting, muscle loss is highly likely. This can slow your metabolism down and make it harder to sustain that fat loss in the future. Fight back with CLA.
    • Improved skin health. With MAX’s CLA, you should experience noticeable improvements in how your skin looks and feels.
    • Enhanced energy levels. Most people taking CLA report feeling stimulant-like energising effects, without being on a stimulant. Meaning, you get greater energy but don’t experience that crash – or trouble sleeping like you would if you had taken caffeine.
    • Potentially decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes thanks to the enhanced blood glucose control and ability to use fat as energy CLA provides.


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