A MAK-Honest Review of Creatine Monohydrate

Supplement Type: Creatine

Creatine has been a powerful supplement over the years especially for athletes and bodybuilders. Its a three amino acid peptide that helps supply energy to all cells in the body and its primary function is to supply energy to muscles thus making it responsible for an individual's muscle development that results in massive gains as well as leaner and stronger physique.

There are a lot of creatine supplementation available in the market but, are you going to let this pass? Introducing the all new and improved Pure Creatine from the legendary BSC Body Science. Creatine by BSC will surely provide your muscles with the world's purest and highest quality form of creatine in its Natural Flavour. This 200g-tub will give you 66 serves of pure micronised creatine with zero fillers and GMO.

BSC Creatine takes charge in Cell Volumisation where creatine causes the water inside the muscle cell to increase that promotes protein synthesis. It also allows taker to increase and enhance the training capacity because creatine enhances the resynthesis of the cells energy source, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This can allow a higher training intensity to be maintained, which may ultimately lead to a greater stimulus for muscle growth.

If you're serious about your muscles, then have Creatine by Body science.

When to take Creatine Monohydrate?

MAK Fitness recommends taking 1 serve (3g) of BSC Creatine each day.

How does Creatine Monohydrate work? Pros?

Muscle Size

Cell volumising creatine causes muscle cells to inflate for a more muscular appearance and stimulus for protein synthesis.


Shown to increase strength gains when used in conjunction with a resistance training program.

No. 1 Energy Supply for Muscle

Helps with the formation of new ATP, the key molecule your cells use for energy.

High-Intensity Performance

Supports Type II muscles fibres to help pump out more reps, sprint faster and train with greater intensity.

Build Lean Muscle

Can stimulate several key biological processes that lead to increased muscle growth and size.


Promotes recovery from intense exercise by reducing muscle cell damage and inflammation following the exhaustive exercise.


  • Increases Muscle Size and Strength
  • Improves Performance
  • Boosts Energy
  • Faster Recovery
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine

    Quick Answers to Common Questions

    Is Creatine just for bodybuilders?

    Creatine is not only beneficial for those who are involved in heavy-weight lifting. Athletes who perform a lot of high-intensity explosive sports will also greatly see results with Creatine usage as their muscles will be relying on muscular stores of creatine as well.

    How does Creatine help muscle grow?

    Creatine promotes intense lifting by recycling the necessary energy molecule ATP. Creatine also buffers the development of lactic acid allowing for a more enduring workout.

    Is Creatine safe?

    Yes, Creatine is one of the most highly researched and widely used bodybuilding supplements. Creatine is a natural amino acid present in the body of humans and animals. No negative side effects have been noted in the research with the recommended levels of supplementation.

    Does Creatine make you retain water?

    No. There is a difference between cell volumisation and water retention. Creatine draws water into the cells, making the muscle bigger and firmer. Water retention, the process that makes the muscles look smooth, happens outside the muscle cells.

    Does Creatine require a 'loading' phase?

    It is common industry practice to undertake a 'creatine loading' phase to fully saturate the muscles with creatine so that only a maintenance dosage is required afterwards.

      Creatine Monohydrate Ingredients

      • Creatine: Naturally occurring compound found in skeletal muscle and the brain that is obtained from meat and fish as well as being produced naturally by the body.


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