Some of the most common questions surrounding Mass Gainer is users not understanding how and when to take it.

As a solution, we at MAK Crew have created this easy to follow guide to help athletes of all levels get the most out of Heavy Weight Mass Gainer by International Protein.

Heavy Weight Mass Gainer is a supplement created to provide additional nutrients users need to achieve their ideal healthy body with their existing dietary plan and workout routine.

DO NOT rely solely on Heavy Weight Mass Gainer in your dietary plan, Heavy Weight Mass Gainer is simply an effective tool to enhance users’ result from their strict dietary plan and workout routine.

Highly Recommended

  1. Serving Size: 6 scoops (220 g)
  2. Mix 6 scoops with 400-500 ml of skim milk
  3. Consume either in the morning, between meals or post workout
  4. Can be taken as two half serves during the day

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