Unsure about how to take Xtend Elite BCAAs? Worry not!

MAK Crew has created this easy to follow guide to help you get the most out of Xtend Elite BCAAs.

Xtend Elite BCAAs is a supplement that help users perform better during their workout and recover their fatigue, resulting in a better workout and focused energy. Xtend Elite BCAAs is not a solution to an ideal healthy body if the users do not have a dedicated workout routine or healthy dietary plan. Xtend Elite BCAAs is simply an effective tool to help user achieve their ideal body!

Highly Recommended

  1. Serving size: 1 rounded scoop (19.5 g)
  2. Mix one scoop with 250-500 ml of water. Shake well.
  3. Consume up to two scoops during exercise on training days or between meals on non-training days
  4. For best results, use two scoops per day

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