A MAK-Honest Review of Koala Freak

Supplement type: Pre Workouts

Get your most effective, pump enhancing, jitter-free energy pre-workout!

After thorough research, development and testing by the top fitness professionals, Staunch has formulated the latest cutting edge ingredients that delivers maximum performance in every workout!

Koala Freak by Staunch is engineered to take your workout experience to the next level!

The best part? It is one of the best tasting products on the market!

      Key Features

      • Jitter-free clean energy
      • Improved pump
      • Stimulating your mind to provide unmatched mental focus during your workouts

      What's in Koala Freak?

      Koala Freak is formulated with a science back blend of ingredients designed to maximize your pump, deliver mental focus, and provide clean jitter-free energy.


      L-Citrulline Malate is one of the most popular pre-workout ingredients. L-Citrulline Malate has been shown to improve muscle endurance and strength and aerobic performance. It also delivers improved absorption and twice as effective in raising N.O. levels when compared to L-Arginine.


      Betapure has been shown in clinical studies to trigger significant muscular growth, reduce fatigue in preparation of lifting, increases total repetition and improve lifts in bench presses, and also significantly increase HGH and IGF-1 levels while decreasing cortisol.

      PEAK ATP®

      Peak ATP is a clinically validated and patented form of Adenosine 5′-Triposphate (ATP) Disodium shown to improve athletic performance and body composition by improved recovery and blood flow, and increasing muscular excitability. Peak ATP increases levels of extracellular ATP, which enhances muscular growth, power and strength, while improving recovery!


      Arginine AKG works in the amino acid synthesis and protein availability leading to an increase and faster results in the form of muscle mass and strength. With increase arginine, N.O. production can increase. This can lead to wider blood vessels and increased blood flow in delivering nutrients to your muscles faster.


      Agamatine Sulfate is an amino acid derivative that plays a powerful role as a catalyst for natural N.O. production and protein synthesis. This leads to enhancing your pump while working out and giving a boost in muscle growth.


      Higenamine is an up and coming pre-workout ingredient and has been linked to an increase in energy and metabolism. With a chemical structure similar to ephedra, Hordenine is metabolized primarily by monoamine oxidase preventing hypertensive events.


      L-Theanine is an amino acid which has positive effects when combined with caffeine. When used with caffeine, you notice increase in reaction time, attention and focus, reduces jitteriness and causes relaxation without affecting energy. This usually leads to clean, jitter-free energy.

        Available Flavours

        • Pina Koala: One of the classic Staunch flavours that everyone loves. The Pina koala is flavour is Staunch's take on a pina colada with a blend of strawberry, coconut and pineapple.
        • Peach Mango: This popular flavour is the perfect island flavours mixing peach and mango. The sweetness of the peach and mangoes come out in this flavour in perfect harmony.
        • Aussie Apple: This tangy and crisp flavour is perfect for anyone looking for a little kick when it comes to flavour. Like biting into a fresh green apple, Aussie Apple has a ting of tart and a whole lot of sweetness.
        • Blue "Baz" Berry: While a blue raspberry does not exist in nature, this is the perfect combination of blueberry and raspberry. This blend provides users with a tarty tangy drink with a hint of sweet.

        Suggested Use

        Mix 1 scoop with 235 - 355 ml of water, 15 - 30 minutes before exercise.


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