A MAK-Honest Review of Kombucha

Supplement Type: Health

Available for the first time in Australia, Kombucha Probiotic Capsules. All the benefits of Kombucha tea, boosted with Probiotics, in a convenient, easy to use capsule. With 10 Billion belly soothing, live probiotic CFUs for a healthy gut & digestion.

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage naturally high in B vitamins, organic acids, healthy bacteria and antioxidants. BSc Kombucha Probiotic Capsules are an authentic, 100% raw Kombucha tea in a powder form, loaded with live and active cultures.

Each serve of BSc Kombucha Probiotic Capsules is equivalent to consuming around 30 Kombucha drinks (when you compare acetic acid equivalents) and they have a much higher probiotic count. Plus they’re caffeine free, free from traces of alcohol and contain much less sugar than many Kombucha drinks on the market. And so easy and convenient to use. Feel good from the inside out with BSc Kombucha Probiotic Capsules.

How does Kombucha work? Pros?

Gut Health

Contains 10 billion belly-soothing, live probiotics per daily dose to help you feel good from the inside out.

Kombucha Boost

Each serve of Body Science Probiotic Capsules is equivalent to consuming around 30 Kombucha drinks, with a much higher probiotic count.

Better For You

Caffeine free, free from traces of alcohol and containing much less sugar than most Kombucha drinks.

      Quick Answers to Common Questions

      Kom-what? What even is Kombucha?

      Kombucha is an ancient beverage that was originally consumed in China more than 2,200 years ago for its detoxifying and energising properties. Kombucha is made from either a green or black tea base with sugar, which has been fermented with a type of "tea fungus" called a symbiotic culture of acetic acid (vinegar) bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY. Most of the caffeine and sugar is lost during the fermentation process. The fermentation process is important, as the SCOBY changes the polyphenols — compounds normally found in tea, fruits and vegetables — into other organic compounds which have health benefits beyond those found in green or black tea.

      Kombucha Ingredients


      100% raw kombucha tea loaded with live and active cultures.


      Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacillus acidophilus help maintain optimal digestive health and maximise nutrient absorption.


      Important mineral for both the body and brain to maintain good health.


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