A MAK-Honest Review of N.O.-Xplode XE Edge

Supplement type: Pre Workouts

Crush it in the weights room with N.O.-Xplode XE Edge, an intense pre-workout formula made with a unique blend of botanical ingredients.

Ingredients such as Guayusa, an Amazonian super leaf, used by the Kichwa Tribe at night for hunting, Yohimbe, a West African evergreen, used by warriors dating back to Ancient Egyptians, Macuna, a tropical legume used in Ayurvedic medicine since 1500 BC. All that combined with 325 mg of Caffeine, 1.6 g of Beta-Alanine and 1 g Citrulline blend to support extreme energy, feel and focus all in 1 scoop.

Get your performance EDGE with N.O.-Xplode XE Edge.

      Key Features

      • Super leaf extracts
      • 325mg caffeine
      • 1.6g beta-alanine

        N.O.-Xplode XE Edge Ingredients

        BSN¬ģ introduces the next evolution of the pre-workout category. New¬†N.O.-Xplode¬†XE Edge is the result of a global search for unique, botanical ingredients that deliver potent results. The innovative Super Leaf Stack supports Energy and focus with:

        • GUAYUSA - From the Amazon Rainforest and used by the Kichwa Tribe during nighttime hunting
        • YOHIMBE - From the West African evergreen and used by warriors dating back to ancient Egyptian times
        • MACUNA - A Tropical legume used in Ayurvedic medicine since 1500 BC

        Available Flavours

        • Tropical Burst
        • Cherry Lime
        • Fruit Punch
        • Blue Raspberry
        • Green Apple

        Suggested Use

        Mix 1 scoop with 120 - 180 ml of cold water and consume immediately.

        DO NOT shake or stir.

        For best results consume 10 - 20 minutes before training.


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