A MAK-Honest Review of Whey Ultra

Supplement type: Vegan-Friendly

Maximise your post workout recovery with Whey Ultra by BodyScience. This product is pure, fast-acting that contains no gums, fillers, soy lecithin or casein!

Whey Ultra contains 100% pure Whey Protein combined with an advanced digestive complex, the result is a tasty, gluten free, soy free protein blend that supports your inner well-being. Well what are you waiting for!?

Whey Ultra combines high quality, fast-acting protein sources with prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes. The advanced 4 x whey blend of whey concentrate, peptides and isolates offers a superior amino acid blend. It delivers over 13g of essential amino acids and 6g of branch chain amino acids per serve.

The advanced digestive complex contains Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes to support inner wellness. Orafti® Prebiotic lnulin is a plant-based fibre that helps to increase the healthy bacteria in your gut. DigeZyme® Digestive Enzyme Complex is a blend of the major digestive enzymes that play a vital role in digestion. Probiotic Lactospore® Bacillus is a superior, live, gut-friendly bacteria.

    Key Features

    • High protein and low carb
    • Superior amino acid blend
    • 4 x whey blend (whey concentrate, peptides and isolates)
    • 6.1g BCAA
    • 3.1 g Leucine*
    • 13.6g EAA*
    • 4.6g Glutamine Precursors*
    • Advanced digestive complex
    • Prebiotic, Probiotic, 5 x digestive enzymes
    • No artificial colour, flavour or sweetener
    • No added sugar
    • No soy lecithin
    • Gluten free
    • Banned substance tested

      Whey Ultra Ingredients

      • Whey Protein Blend - A blend of high quality, fast-acting whey proteins. Protein is fundamental to life and the most important building block in the body. Our body needs protein to grow, heal and carry out nearly every chemical reaction on the body. The whey protein blend delivers a comprehensive amino acid profile for overall wellbeing.
      • Orafti® Prebiotic lnulin - a natural prebiotic of 1 00% vegetable origin intended to fertilize and increase healthy bacteria in your gut.
      • Probiotic Lactospore® Bacillus coagulans - this is a superior, live, gut-friendly bacteria able to resist breakdown from enzymes and survive the acidic conditions of the gut. Giving your digestive system a boost can help maximum your absorption of nutrients. It is also heat stable and can be stored at room temperature without losing any effectiveness of potency.
      • DigeZyme® Digestive Enzyme Complex - a blend of the major digestive enzymes provided in a raw powder form. Digestive enzymes act as catalysts in speeding up specific chemical reactions in your body, primarily by helping to break down larger molecules into smaller particles that the body can better absorb. DigeZyme• contains amylase (to breakdown starch), protease (to break down protein), lipase (to break down fat), cellulase (to break down cellulose) and lactase (to breakdown lactose).

      Available Flavours

      • Double Chocolate
      • Vanilla Ice Cream


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