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Absolute Mass


Absolute Mass

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$5.37 / serve

Its all about eating big to get big. Ask every legend of muscle you know - no gains come without shovelling in monstrous amounts of calories to build that mass. MAX'S Absolute Mass is all achieving those gains. Whether you're a skinny guy trying to find some way to finally put on some weight (some guys just have crazy high metabolisms, we feel you!) or you're kicking a bulk into gear and want the edge to make sure your muscles and not your gut are about to grow - Absolute Mass is your key to looking absolutely massive!!

- 60g of fast and sustained released proteins for a balanced release - Continued period of anabolism to ensure muscle growth reaches its maximum potential - Contains MAX'S GlycoForce carb system to pack in quality calories that are key to mass building - Addition of MAX'S MASS Support Matrix to promote superior muscle recovery, protein synthesis and energy production

The ingredients list of MAX'S Absolute Mass may be pretty extensive, but for a good reason. Every single ingredient inside this beauty is here for a single reason - got help you build muscle, and lots of it. An Anabolic Protein Matrix, GlycoForce Carb Complex and Mass Support Matrix combine to push your body into the most anabolic state possible, provide nutrients to fuel growth at all hours and minutes of the day, and ensure that this muscle is more than just pillows under your skin. Absolute mass builds quality muscle that not only makes you swollen and massive as ever, but muscle that you can use to rip incredible numbers off the gym floor too.

The comprehensive formulation all begins with protein - after all, you're here to build muscle, so we need to promote that muscle mass. MAX's Absolute Mass combines 5 different forms of dairy based protein to achieve a blend that will kickstart the muscle building process as fast as humanly possible, and keep it going for as long as possible too. Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides, Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), Casein and Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) provide but a fast and sustained absorption of protein, prolonging your anabolic window. Therefore, you stay anabolic for longer, you pack on more muscle, get stronger, bigger and more powerful.

Working in a similar way comes the GlycoForce Complex witin Max's Absolute Mass. This is your vital carbs - a key nutrient for real growth. Importantly, carbs are also the primary fuel your body uses for training - meaning you walk into every session fuelled for success and with the strength to absolutely demolish. MAX'S GlycoForce carb system works synergestically with the different proteins - some work fast and some work slow. Holistically, this stimulates protein synthesis, stabilises insulin levels, and prolongs your metabolism within the anabolic window to make sure every gram of carbs goes towards your hard earned gains - keeping your muscle hard, and minimising the fluffy edges of fat.

MAX'S MASS Support Matrix is another revolutionary aspect of MAX'S Absolute Mass. Just when you thought that anabolic protein  blend and GlycoForce Carb Complex and their ability to help you rapidly pack on real size was impressive, we are here to blow your mind even further. MAX'S Absolute Mass also contains a number of extra ingredients to help promote an even greater growth stimulus for your muscles. This includes L-Glutamine and BCAAs, the most beneficial amino acids to promoting muscle recovery. Creatine, a compound renowned and proven to increase muscular Creatine Phosphate levels for improved muscular energy, is also a proven anabolic agent - which plays a role in up regulating the protein synthesis process (you know what this means - more gains). MCTs and CLA are added for their healthy fats contribution, as well as their ability to promote ideal composition - again promoting muscle and minimising any excess fat stores.

Absolute Mass Protein 2.72kg (6lb) by MAX's is the all-new reformulated and repackaged mass gaining protein powder to hit the shelves Australia wide. The all-new Absolute Mass uses the New Zealand Fonterra protein blend which is the highest quality, purest form of Whey Protein in the world.

MAX’s Absolute Mass will help you build impressive muscular size FAST. The secret is the Blended Protein and Blended Carb formulation that provides a fast and sustained release of mass building nutrients to keep you anabolic all day. To help support the maximum growth there are added specific nutrients that fuel recovery and stimulate protein synthesis.

Anabolic Protein Blend

Blended proteins versus single protein – it’s been a hot topic recently. All proteins have specific characteristic, strengths and weaknesses. Whey is fast acting – ideal for taking after training but not a good choice before bed when you need a slow release. In fact, recent studies have come out in the favour of protein blends. Quite simply, you get enhanced protein synthesis by taking a blend of fast, medium and slow proteins than by just taking one type of protein alone because you get a longer opportunity for protein synthesis. That’s why we recommend MAX’s Anabolic Protein Blend. The specific combination of fast, medium and slow dairy proteins pushes out the growth window by several hours. You stay anabolic for longer, you pack on more muscle, get stronger, bigger and more powerful.

Key Ingredients

  • Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides – Immediate: Pre-digested Whey Proteins provide peptides for rapid absorption and assimilation
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – Fast: WPI is natures best protein for building lean muscle
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – Medium: WPC is an excellent muscle builder with many health-promoting benefits
  • Casein – Slow: Casein gels in your stomach during digestion means it is absorbed slower
  • Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) – Very slow: This natural blend of 20% Whey and 80% Casein, also contains Micellar Casein, the slowest digesting dairy protein

GlycoForce Carb Complex

When you want to make big gains then getting enough of the right carbohydrates is essential. Just like blended proteins, providing fast and sustained release carbs is extremely anabolic.  MAX’s GlycoForce carb system was developed specifically to work synergistically with MAX’s Anabolic Protein Blend and keep you growing all day. Fast carbs like simple sugars will stimulate the hormone insulin. For hard athletes, insulin is a key mass builder. It helps drive carbs and protein into muscle cells to replenish glycogen stores and is also a strong stimulator of protein synthesis. Medium absorbing carbs like Maltodextrins, Waxy Maize Starch and Fruit Sugar Extract stabilise insulin levels and keep energy levels high for training plus fuel metabolic processes required for normal activity and growth. At the lower end, Potato and Rice starches drip feed carbs into your system over several hours, keeping your energy levels constant and your metabolism anabolic.

  • Cane Sugar – Fast
  • Maltodextrin – Medium
  • Waxy Maize Starch – Medium
  • Fruit Sugar Extract – Medium
  • Rice Starch – Slow
  • Potato Starch – Slow 

MASS Support Matrix

MAX’s MASS Support Matrix is a complex of proven nutrients to support muscle recovery, protein synthesis and energy production.

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids – L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. These 3 special amino acids are taken up rapidly by skeletal muscle after intense training to help initiate muscle recovery. L-Leucine, in particular, has emerged as the key regulator of protein synthesis by activating the mTOR pathway in muscle and must be present in optimal amounts to stimulate muscle growth.
  • L-Glutamine – is the most abundant free amino acid in human muscle and plasma and is needed at high levels by rapidly dividing cells during protein synthesis. Heavy training dramatically lowers blood plasma levels of Glutamine which will inhibit recovery and muscle growth. Post-exercise Glutamine supplementation dramatically shortens recovery times, reduces muscle soreness and stimulates higher rates of protein synthesis for muscle growth.
  • Arginine AlphaKetoglutarate stimulates two key responses that are extremely beneficial for athletes who want to gain MASS:
    • It stimulates Nitric Oxide production (NO) which is a vasodilator, it helps blood vessel walls relax and expand to carry more blood to working muscles for higher performance and stronger muscle pump.
    • It stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone, an anabolic protein that binds to muscle cell receptors and up-regulates protein synthesis in your muscles.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) – are processed differently to other fats and can be directly metabolised for energy. In this sense, they mimic carbohydrate function. MCT’s are used for many purposes including production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for muscle contraction.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – is a unique type of fatty acid to exhibits a wide range of beneficial metabolic and health effects. Studies confirm CLA has a strong positive effect on body composition with prolonged use by increasing uptake of nutrients (fats, carbs and protein) into muscle cells that leads to enhanced protein synthesis, higher metabolic rates and reduced fat storage.
  • Vitamins & Minerals – A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals are included to help catalyse optimal metabolic response.

Key Features:

  • 60g Protein per serve
  • 14g BCAAs
  • 8.5g L-Glutamine
  • 5000 kilojoules (roughly 1195 calories)
  • Great Taste
  • MCT's, CLA, Arginine AKG, Vitamins & Minerals

Available Flavours

Absolute Mass is available in two distinct flavours:

  • Chocolate Mud Cake
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

Suggested Use

Take 1 – 2 serves per day in addition to regular meals.

Add 2 – 4 scoops to a blender or shaker with 500 ml of water or whole milk and mix for 30 seconds until completely dispersed. Take 1 – 2 serves per day in addition to regular meals. Dosage may be adjusted up or down based on appetite and to meet training needs. (1 scoop = approx. 50g)

Is this product Vegan?

This product contains whey, which is derived from milk, and is therefore an animal-based product. Thus, this product is not suitable for a vegan lifestyle, or those with a lactose-intolerance.

Does this product contain any banned substances?

No, this product has been tested and confirmed to contain no banned substances. However, we advise that the list of banned substances as noted by the Australian Regulatory Board, ASADA, changes very frequently. For utmost assurance, please consult the ASADA Supplement Checker or contact the MAK Crew.

Is this product safe during pregnancy?

Use of this product is advised against for women during pregnancy without prior consultation with a medical professional. However, minimal evidence of adverse effects exist, and several sources and medical research projects have determined that women during pregnancy require a slightly increased protein intake to support optimal growth and health. Therefore, if choosing to use, consult a medical professional, and ensure the product uses all natural ingredients.

Is this product Gluten Free?

This product does contain traces of gluten, and we advise against use for those following a celiac or gluten-free diet.

Absolute Mass is a mass gainer, and thus, the appropriate serving size depends on your personal goals surrounding intensity of weight gain process. Use this product as an additional supplement to your regular intake - thus boosting your overall caloric intake. We recommend a serving size of 2 scoops, however, for a heavier bulk, 4 scoops per serving may be used. Combine 100g (2 scoops) of Extreme Mass with 500ml of water or milk, and mix in shaker or blender. Use 1-3 times daily, as suited to your goals. Best times of use are mid morning (between breakfast and lunch), mid afternoon (between lunch and dinner) and before bed - or as suited by appetite and training requirements.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Great product and great service very prompt delivery.


Absolute Mass


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