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$3.63 / serve

OxyWhey - Shop Now, Pay Later!

OxyWhey definitely brings the trifecta of protein powder goodness to the table. Think Lean protein, boosted fat burning ingredients and amazing flavour! This is one of the highest quality proteins that exists on the market, comprised of 100% lean grass-fed whey protein powder from the best quality sources. With bonus inclusion of potent metabolism boosting ingredients, immunity supporting ingredients, mood enhancers and digestive enzymes, OxyWhey is the ultimate answer to boosting your protein intake, lean muscle mass and fat loss in the most delicious way possible!

- Loaded with high quality BCAAs to improve recovery and muscle growth - Ultra-Lean protein source with added metabolism enhancers - Also supports immunity, ease of digestion and optimal nutrient absorption - Available in 6 different AMAZING flavours (all of which are low in sugar, fats, carbs and lactose)

OxyWhey is by far one of our best selling proteins - and for a good reason. The formulation and benefits of Oxywhey are industry leading - proving not only the well known benefits of protein such as enhanced recovery, convenient protein intake and lean muscle growth - but fat burning properties, boosted immunity and mood, digestive enzyme and an extremely lean and healthy macronutrient profile too.

The benefits of whey protein are well researched and abundant. For those looking to achieve increased muscle mass and a leaner physique, your body first of all requires an increased intake of the Amino acids - the 'building blocks' used to grow your muscles. Whey protein is naturally rich in all 9 essential amino acids - the important ones our body can't make for itself. Additionally, Whey protein provides this protein and amino acid intake in with benefits of convenience, reliability and lean profile. OxyWhey contains only 2g of Carbs and 1g of fat, in contrast to a solid 24g of protein - making it one of the leanest sources of protein that exists (food and supplements included!). It therefore comes as a bonus benefit that OxyWhey also tastes delicious (even when mixed with just water!).

But OxyWhey goes beyond when it comes to promoting a lean result. It contains potent metabolism boosting ingredients that help your body burn more at rest, and breakdown fat cells. Add this to the fat that protein is a much slower released source of fuel, helping you feel fuller for longer, and OxyWhey is a sweet treat to curb the sugar cravings between meals - and you can see how the product overall really helps you to achieve your weight loss goals and a much healthier diet overall!

Finally, OxyWhey also contains Advanced Technology Digestive enzymes to reduce stomach discomfort and enhance the nutrients your body actually breaks down and utilises from the protein. Being an extremely high quality protein, OxyWHey is also incredibly low in lactose, and completely gluten free. This helps to effectively overcome the common concern of whey proteins being hard to digest, or causing cramps or intolerances.

OxyWhey is one of highest quality fast absorbing post-workout protein shakes on the market, EHP Labs have gone above and beyond in the laboratory for this amazing quality protein.

Low fat, high quality protein solutions are hard to find in today's society take a look at some of the key benefits of this particular product:

  • Loaded with BCAAs
  • Almost 0 fat, 0 carbohydrate
  • Digestive enzymes to help with absorption

Oxywhey is an amazing meal replacement solution for the quick movers & shakers you can certainly add this product to your stack of OxyShred, OxySleep & Creatine stack.

Flavours include:

Vanilla Ice Cream - Smooth vanilla cream.

Strawberry Milkshake - Delicious strawberry thick shake.

Delicious Chocolate - Soft chocolate finish.

Mocha - Quench your caffeine urge, awesome for an iced shake.

Swiss Chocolate - Richer chocolate option, not to sharp on taste.

Banana Bliss - Sweet cavendish, in a creamy milk.

Is this product Vegan?

This product contains whey, which is derived from milk, and is therefore an animal-based product. Thus, this product is not suitable for a vegan lifestyle, or those with a lactose-intolerance.

Does this product contain any banned substances?

No, this product has been tested and confirmed to contain no banned substances. However, we advise that the list of banned substances as noted by the Australian Regulatory Board, ASADA, changes very frequently. For utmost assurance, please consult the ASADA Supplement Checker or contact the MAK Crew.

Is this product safe during pregnancy?

Use of this product is advised against for women during pregnancy without prior consultation with a medical professional.

Is this product Gluten Free?

This product is approved and tested to be 100% gluten free!

We recommend a serving size of 1 heaped scoop (33g). To mix, combine with 250-300ml of water or milk (cold tastes best!), and use a shaker or blender to mix. Depending on your dietary protein goals, several servings may be taken throughout the day (up to 4). This product can be used at a variety of times - either directly post workout to aid muscle recovery, throughout the day as a convenient meal or snack, or mixed into smoothies or baked goods (such as pancakes) to increase protein intake. We advise that this product should be used in combination with a balanced intake of whole foods.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews

Twin Pack: OxyWhey (30 Serves)

Strawbs adorbs

Tasty milkshakey Flav and thickness... I prefer the science behind EHP Isopept, however I purchased the oxywhey half asleep one night by accident. Still good no issues and still kept my macros on track. Chur bro


Love buying off your website. I dont often review or rate products much but this has got to be worth it!


Think it’s my 10th order and you guys haven’t disappointed me yet! Always willing to give back! I love being apart of the crew ❤️ I am a L men’s for a MAK fitness T-shirt! Just in case you guys are doing Christmas presents 😉

Amazing mocha!

The mocha is amazing, I sometimes have it after dinner as dessert I love it so much. Good quality mixes well and is not grainy like some others. Macros are good. Def my new protein of choice!


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