A MAK-Honest Review of GHOST® Size

Supplement Type: Pre & Intra Workout

GHOST® Size is a new school meets old school, clinically dosed, packed to the nines, transparent AF muscle builder.

When to take GHOST® Size?

Mix 1 scoop (serving) of GHOST® Size with 8-10oz of water or beverage of choice, such as GHOST® Legend or GHOST® BCAA, preferrably within 30 minutes before or after exercise on training days. For best results, GHOST® Size should be taken consistently on both training/non-training days with plenty of water. Do not exceed 2 servings in a 24 hour period.

How does GHOST® Size work? Pros?

New school meets old school, clinically dosed, packed to the nines, transparent AF, muscle builder conceived to make gains faster than photoshop. Add to GHOST® Legend or GHOST® Whey for added gains/more life.


  • GHOST® Full Disclosure Label
  • First ever yield transparent Creatine, delivering a full 5G of yielded Creatine
  • Max clinical dose Betaine
  • Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine
  • Full 200MG dose Epicatechin
  • Max clinical dose Astragin®

    Quick Answers to Common Questions

    What flavours does GHOST® Size come in?

    GHOST® Size is available in 2 refreshing flavours:

    • Warheads Sour Watermelon
    • Neutral

    GHOST® Size Ingredients

    GHOST® Full Disclosure Label

    All GHOST® products feature a 100% transparent label that fully discloses the dose of each active ingredient. Zero proprietary blends means you know what you’re getting in each and every scoop.

    Full Yield Creatine (5g)

    New school (Creatine HCl) meets old school (Creatine Monohydrate) Creatine combination added to maximize efficacy, absorption and solubility.

    GHOST® Size contains the first ever "Full Yield Creatine" delivering 5G of actual yielded Creatine per scoop. You're right, most brands add 5G of Creatine, but because Creatine isn't 100% pure you're left with much less than 5G of actual delivered Creatine. At GHOST® we cherish every gram (and the gains that come along with them), so we've beefed up our Creatine (3.21G HCl & 2.84G Monohydrate) to ensure you're getting the FULL, DELIVERED 5G dose in every scoop.

    Betaine (2.5g)

    For us, Betaine was a no-brainer, as it works hand in hand with Creatine to deliver some pretty epic muscle building benefits. While results can be seen with as little as 500MG, at GHOST® its clinically dosed or bust, so rest assured you're getting the full 2.5G dose in every serving.

    Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine (2g)

    The strongest clinical studies on Beta-Alanine point to 3.2G+ of Beta-Alanine per day and suggest achieving that in split dosages. For this reason, we've added 2G Beta-Alanine per scoop in GHOST Legend® AND 2G Beta-Alanine per scoop in GHOST® Size to ensure you're getting the full clinical dose every day...we've got your back legends.

    Epicatechin (200mg)

    Epicatechin is one of the hottest muscle building ingredients on the market and we've included it at the full 200MG dose. To put that in perspective, most stand-alone Epicatechin products cost the same or more than an entire tub of GHOST® Size...it's true, google it.


    Astragin® works to help improve your body's ability to absorb key amino acids, proteins and glucose...in other words, Astragin® ensures you're getting maximum benefit from everything we've packed into GHOST® Size (and of course we've added it at the full clinical dose).

    The Verdict!

    GHOST® Size was conceived to make gains faster than photoshop. So if you are looking to build muscle, look no further and get GHOST® Size into your stack today!


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