You may be wondering “What’s the best way to consume Casein?” or “How can you get the most out of Casein?”

Well worry not! We at MAK Crew have put together this guide to help you maximise your intake in making sure you get the best bang out of your buck.

Casein’s purpose is to help users maintain and stimulate muscle growth over long periods without food. Casein is not a solution in trying to get a healthy body, hard work and dedication does!

Highly Recommended

  1. Serving size: 1 Heaping Scoop (33g)
  2. Mix one heaping scoop of Casein by Optimum Nutrition in 250-300 ml of water or beverage of your choice
  3. Use before bed, post workout or long periods without food

Extra Tips

  • For best results: Consume daily
  • Mix with a blender bottle or other type of blender to get a smoother consistency
  • Add liquid first, followed by the powder to ensure your protein doesn’t stick to the bottom of your container

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