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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

MAK Fitness

How to Get the Most out of Custard Casein Protein by Muscle Nation

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Supplement Type: Casein Protein

We’ve never met a Casein Protein that tastes quite as good, and that our body loves quite as much as the range from Muscle Nation! We love Custard Casein Protein as a high protein snack that keeps us full and satisfied for hours - a true hero to the hanger pangs in the office.

But if you’re a little confused on just when to use Custard Casein Protein, or how to take Custard Casein Protein, don’t stress! MAK Crew have put together a simple guide on how to use Custard Casein Protein to keep you covered.

Serving Size:

A serving size of Custard Casein Protein is generally 2 scoops (40g). However, you can definitely adapt this serving size to suit your personal goals and macronutrient requirements.

Recommended Intake:

To mix up you Custard Casein Protein, add a serving of powder to a bowl. Start by adding 110mL of water or milk, and stir through. Then, slowly add more water or milk until you achieve your desired consistency.

Quick tip: Always ensure the powder is mixed through completely before you add more liquid! No one likes much-too-runny Custard Casein Protein.

Additional Tips:

Try Custard Casein Protein different ways! Here’s a couple of suggestions the MAK crew absolutely rave about!

  • A delicious, creamy custard snack

  • A rich protein filled thick shake

  • Apple crumble style Custard Casein Protein (Add a cookie, some nuts, and tinned apple!)

  • Custard Casein Protein topped with your favourite fruit and granola!

Also be sure to try out the entire Custard Casein Protein range! Every flavour of Custard Casein Protein will create rainbows and magic in your mouth. We believe you really can’t pick your fav until you’ve tried them all!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
SO good!!

I can’t live without this one!! Makes hitting my protein target SO much easier and more enjoyable!!

Casein custard

The best protein dessert I have ever tasted! The consistency and taste is just the bomb! And the ingredients are perfect for recovery and it’s very satisfying!
LOVE it!!


muscle nation is heaps yummy


best tasting low calorie custard i have ever tried!!! Cannot recommend enough!! Cant wait to try all of the flavours 🥰


So good - can't wait to order more flavours. I mixed with unsweetened almond milk and the flavour and texture were spot on. The vanilla is a great all rounder - would go with everything.


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