HOW OFTEN DO YOU TRAIN YOUR ABS? Regardless if you want a six-pack or not, you should train your core! Core strength is the foundation of a killer physique, a functional and healthy body, and stability that leads to huge strength improvements in your big lifts too. From injury prevention to optimal performance, to looking as lean and athletic as you can dream of, training your abs plays a huge role!

Save this little ‘no-excuse’ core circuit to try with NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!! No excuses fitfam!! Let’s do this!!

Follow MAK Fitness athlete Evangeline through this killer, and comment below how you go!


40 sec on | 20 sec off

3 - 4 rounds .



🔸Leg Lowers

🔸Ankle Crunches


🔸V-Hold Pulses


🔸Stomach Vacuum


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