The secret to deadlifting properly? Learning properly. Start with the right cues, and the right direction in mind. And our lifting expert and MAK Fitness athlete, Hayley Whatman, is here to introduce you to just that!

Learning how to lift properly can be the difference between enjoying training, or finding training ever so hard and painful. It can be the difference between injury or massive strength improvements. It can be the reason behind proper muscle activation, and therefore optimal muscle growth. It can even be the difference between how functional you are in everyday life - from lifting grocery bags and heavy boxes around the house to hauling yourself over walls in a natural disaster.

Learn some quick tips and tutorials that will take your deadlift game from 0 to 100 - and have personal bests coming your way week on week. Your fitness journey through 2020 won’t know what hit it!

Follow MAK Fitness athlete Hayley through this deadlift tutorial, and comment below how you go!


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