Von Miller Workout

DENVER LINEBACKER Von Miller is continually squashing it. So his ascent to superstar status in the NFL is no suprise—he's the most generously paid player in the game and attributes much of his talent to his training off the field.

What separates Miller from other defensive players in the class is his speed. For a man, his size: The 6'3'', 250-pound a 4.49-second 40-yard dash is ridiculously fast, speedier than Carolina Pumas quarterback Cam Newton and about as quick as Pittsburgh Steelers recipient and return man Antonio Brown. Miller is also super coordinated.

See what he's doing off the field in our full break down report, online.

Amid the offseason, he works out three to five hours for each day (separated into different exercises), and he's a fanatic of high-force preparing to help keep his fat consumption high and rev his metabolic motor. "One of my top picks is pulling a tyre," Miller says. "I additionally appreciate explosive movements to increase speed and power."

One of my favourite circuits is as follows. Each session has seven activities. Miller does not rest between sets, but when starting you can rest for 30 seconds between each exercise.

Dumbbell Squats, push yourself to a good depth and make sure you keep your chest high each rep

Dumbbell Press, I use a good amount of weight and really push quickly through each upward phase.

Decline Dumbbell Press, come nice and close to the neck on these ones, I feel like this one is awesome for improving your explosive power.

Med Ball Russian twist, an awesome ab buster. I use this exercise to keep my core in check and make sure I'm strong through the midsection.

Dumbbell Overhead Press, great movement for building up your shoulders which helps to protect your neck.

Cardio Interim Exercise, This one can be varied. Use exercises that jack your heart rate up. The burpee is a great movement.

Skipping, focus on your rope speed and really try and push yourself. Think 4th quarter.

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