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Your newest healthy treat to add to your Easter Baking Collection!

Made Healthy, Low Carb, and High Protein, Featuring: Adrenal Switch by Switch Nutrition

Recipe created by legend, Steph!




  • 20g rolled oats or quinoa flakes
  • 15g nut butter
  • 20g 1 Whey Blend Protein by Rule One (If vegan, use 10g pea protein + 10g sticky sweetener)
  • Splash of water or almond milk, to bind



1. In a mixing bowl, combine ingredients for base together until it becomes a sticky consistency.
2. Press into a lined cupcake holder (or a mug/ramekin).

3. Whip together your filling ingredients, adding additional milk as needed to make it into a runny mousse consistency.

4. Pour the filling on top of your base, decorate with Easter eggs and place in the freezer to set for 2-5 hours.
5. Serve chilled & let the Easter eggs reach a special part of your soul 🥰


Tips & Tricks

Serves: 1

Macros per serve: 220 calories, 6F/9C/32P


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