Workout 30.04

How else to end the month than with a hard workout? This workout will test your full body and cardio capacity.

RX Version – On Time!

Section 1:

  • Assault Bike: 100 Calories – On Time!
  • EMOM - Ring Muscle Up: 5 Reps – Bodyweight

Section 2:

  • Thruster: 100 Reps – 40kg
  • EMOM - Burpee-over-bar: 7 Reps – Bodyweight

Section 3:

  • Rower: 100 Calories – On Time!
  • EMOM - Handstand Push Up: 9 Reps – Bodyweight


Every Minute on the Minute, the athlete must perform the second exercise for the total reps shown above. They must keep doing this until they have either hit 100 Calories or Reps in each of the sections. Do not advance in sections or exercises until total rep count has been completed for each movement.

CardioFull bodyMetabolic conditioning