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Workout 31.03

Workout 31.03

This metabolic conditioning workout will test your upper body strength and cardio capacity.

RX Version – On Time!


  • Handstand Push Ups: Bodyweight
  • Push Ups: Bodyweight
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions: 70% 1RM
  • Rower: 21/15/9 Calorie-burn – On Time!


  • DB Press: 70% 1RM
  • DB Flys: 70% 1RM
  • Med Ball Slams: 70% 1RM
  • Rope Pass: 210/150/90 Reps – On Time!


"21-15-9" is the rep scheme. Do not proceed to the second MetCon before completing the first one. Do not advance in exercises until total rep count has been completed for each movement.

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