A MAK-Honest Review of Iso-Cuts

Supplement Type: Protein

Iso-Cuts by International Protein is virtually no fat, low carb, high protein thermogenic. This product is designed for the users who need an edge gaining lean muscle mass. Iso-Cuts provides scientifically researched dosages of EGCG, other features include; decreases storage of carbohydrates, helps reduce fat in the liver, contains12 essential vitamins.

When to take Iso-Cuts?

Mix 40g of Iso-Cuts (approx.1 1/3 scoops) with 200ml – 300ml of cold water in a shaker or blender.  Take 3 times daily as part of your weight management program.  Three servings will provide clinically proven dosages of Green Tea, natural Caffeine and Garcinia Cambogia (HCA).  For best results take 20 minutes before meals or as a between meal snack.

How does Iso-Cuts work? Pros?

Suitable on water

Delicious flavours formulated to taste great when mixed on water to help minimize energy (calorie) intake. Also blends perfectly with alternatives such as low-fat almond and or coconut milks, soy milk or low-fat milk.

Whey Protein Isolate

Iso-Cuts is naturally high in bioactive proteins to help maintain lean muscle, with very low carbs and virtually no fat to help eliminate excess calories for a controlled energy intake.

Thermogenic Protein

Active levels of Teavigo Green Tea, Natural Caffeine, Hydroxycitric Acid and Lipotropic amino acids blended with ultra-low-fat Whey Protein Isolate for maximum fat burning results.

Synergistic Weight Loss Ingredients

Green Tea in combination with Natural Green Coffee extract for Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Choline and Insitol work synergistically to produce greater fat mobilisation than when used individually.

Active Doses

3 serves provides scientifically researched doses of EGCG (from Green Tea), Hydroxycitric Acid and natural Caffeine for thermogenesis, increased fat burning and reduced fat storage.

Increase Energy

Natural Caffeine helps boost natural energy levels for better performance and concentration throughout the day. L-Carnitine transports fat to muscle cells to be oxidized (burnt) to produce energy.

      Quick Answers to Common Questions

      What is Iso-Cuts?

      Iso-Cuts is a low fat/calorie protein blend that also works as a thermogenic for a simple all-in-one product.

      Iso-Cuts Ingredients

      • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)
      • Garcinia Cambogia (HCA)
      • Cinnamon
      • Coffee Powder
      • Green Tea Extract
      • Sweetener
      • L-Carnitine
      • Green Coffee Extract (Caffeine)
      • Vitamins and Minerals
      • Choline
      • Inositol

                The Verdict!

                Iso-Cuts by International Protein is a great one stop shop for an all-in-one protein blend. While providing your traditional protein, Iso-Cuts also has thermogenic ingredients for fat burning, as well as vitamins and minerals for daily health.


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