A MAK Honest Review of Collagen Regenerate

Supplement Type: Health

The new Collagen Peptide from Body Science is here!

Collagen Regenerate is Australia's first bioactive collagen peptide for tendons and ligaments. Exclusive to Body Science and supported by extensive clinical trials, intensive human case studies and an AIS study, this collagen peptide blend truly sits in a league of its own.

As the most researched and most versatile collagen on the market, this is a product that will benefit everyone. Whether you're a professional athlete, functional trainer, rehab patient, endurance sports athlete, runner, weekend warrior, or part of the general or elderly population, Collagen Regenerate has something to offer you.

Key Features

  • Designed to enhance the strength of ligaments and tendons
  • Also helps improve skin elasticity, hydration and wrinkling
  • Key aspect of optimising movement control, stability and mobility
  • Perfect for aging joints
  • Can decrease recovery time from injury and even surgical operations
  • Can be a major factor towards injury prevention
  • May increase comfort and enjoyment of movement
  • Exclusive formulation to BodyScience
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Dairy, Sugar, Colours, Flavours or Artificial Sweeteners

Collagen Regenerate Ingredients

Collagen Regenerate by BodyScience contains TENDOFORTE® Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, plus Vitamin C.

Tendoforte, the collagen compound within Collagen Regenerate, contains bioactive peptides which have been specifically isolated for the repair of Type II collagen-based tissues such as tendons and ligaments. Tendoforte has been formulated to optimise stimulation of collagen biosynthesis accelerating tissue repair.  Tendoforte collagen has been clinically proven to enhance the repair of injured tissues in combination with rehabilitation exercises. 

BSC Collagen Regenerate then also includes 50mg of vitamin C to enhance collagen synthesis when time is critical.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is collagen important?  

There are approximately 16 different ‘types’ of collagen with slightly different components, but they all make up a triple helix shape, like three pieces of string twisted together. Type I, II and III collagens make up the majority of connective tissues in the body. As we age, the collagen content of our skin and joints declines, so supplementing with collagen can help slow this process and help repair damaged tissue.  

How does collagen differ from other protein supplements like whey?

Different tissues in the body have different amino acids that make them. Collagen is made up mostly of three amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline and proline, whereas muscle is made up from different amino acids including the branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. When supplementing for the purposed of improved connective tissue or improved muscle mass, you need to supplement with the amino acids that make up that tissue. Therefore, if you want improve muscle mass, you would need a supplement that is ricin branched chain amino acids, such as whey. In the same way, when supplementing to improve joint health or skin integrity, you need a supplement that is rich in glycine, hydroxyproline and proline - the amino acids found within collagen.

Available Flavours

Collagen Regenerate is available only in natural, unflavoured powder. This makes it incredibly versatile - and can be mixed in with any other flavours or shakes - whilst still being enjoyable to drink on its own.


We recommend a serving size of 1 scoop of Collagen Regenerate (5.1g). Consume 1 scoop per day, on a consistent daily basis. To mix, combine with 250mL of cold water and shake or stir until completely mixed.


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