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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

MAK Fitness

MAK Friday Public Announcement



The MAK Friday event of the year is finally upon us. November 20th will be on another level - Australia & New Zealand wide.

With literally thousands of orders heading out over MAK Friday weekend consider this the need to know guide for the sales weekends to come.


At MAK we take pride in being Australia’s fastest growing sports nutrition company, not only do we offer world leading brands at every day low prices. Our dispatch and fulfilment speed is industry leading, MAK Friday should be no different.


In the weeks leading up to MAK Friday our warehouse experience hundreds/thousands of orders and deadlines are feeling the brute of the sales we offer. We have organised around the clock shifts, however, the deals/offers we run on those weekends are subject to availability and sometimes have slightly slower than we would like notification times.


To keep things simple here is what you need to know:


Deals on the day:

The deals we offer site wide are subject to availability, we do not offer holds on sales day campaigns. In store pickups and further savings on adjusting your bundled order.

Once we are out of stock, the deal is done!

Not for sale (NFS) items:

Throughout the course of the year we listen to our customers and compile a huge list of products that we drop for the MAK Friday weekend.

This includes not for sale shakers, exclusive brand apparel, exclusive flavours and more. Our product images and descriptions are often altered to depict these products, however, if you select the wrong flavour and request last minute changes to your order you may be subject to an order cue and our customer service team may cancel the order to come back to you for more information.


We will not be able to manage address issues, incorrect size selections and flavour swaps throughout this period at our usual service speed - in most circumstances an order will be pulled if the fulfilment information is incorrect and an email will be sent to the address used to clarify fulfilment information.


If a product becomes out of stock - We do our absolute best to ensure our site depicts in-stock flavours and variations are always correct, however, oversells do sometimes occur. In this event a customer service crew member will reach out via text, call and email to get a timely exchange. If the exchange is rejected the order is cancelled to keep our customers happy.


How will the MAK Friday deals look?

Although we will not be releasing our official price points or exclusive offers the site as a whole will generally follow the below listed tiers.


  • $50 Spend
    Free Gift with all orders - Funnel, Shaker will be included.

  • $100 Spend
    Exclusive T-Shirts - Shirt, Funnel, Shaker will be included.

  • $150 Spend
    Exclusive Jugs - Jug, Shirt, Funnel, Shaker will be included.

  • $200 Spend
    Exclusive Wrist Wraps - Wrist Wraps, Jug, Shirt, Funnel, Shaker will be included. 


Lastly, with our exclusive deals running throughout the MAK Friday weekend. The notes section in your order is used to communicate T-Shirts sizes/variants. If a note is not added to the order you will be subject to availability on the freebies.


The MAK Crew will do everything it can to make sure fulfilment is timely and the offers are a great additional thank you to our customers. Our MAK Friday campaigns success is dependent on your experience and our team will be working around the clock to bring Australia and New Zealand the absolute best value possible.


Enjoy the sales,

The MAK Crew


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